Mentor Kevin Koch Kevin Koch

Kevin Koch

Principle Animator
Guerrilla Games

Film: Hotel Transylvania, Rio, Hop, Over the Hedge, Madagascar, Shrek 2, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, The Road to El Dorado, The Prince of Egypt and The Quest for Camelot

Short Film: The Scarecrow (Chipotle), The Numberlys, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, Donkey Live!, Sean, Lefty, Lady D, Georgy, Judy M.D.: Super Surgeon and Go to Sleep and Far Far Away Idol

Game: Horizon Forbidden West, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Did You Know?

Kevin was a doctor and a neuroscientist in previous lifetimes.

Known For:

BlueSkyStudios Rio Kevin KochRio
Hotel Transylvania Kevin KochHotel Transylvania
DreamWorks Madagascar Kevin KochMadagascar
DreamWorks Skrek 21 Kevin KochShrek 2

Kevin’s Demo Reel

What Kevin’s Students are Saying

Kevin was an awesome mentor! Even thought he was having a really busy time with moving from the US to Amesterdam,, and working at the same time, he always found time to answer my questions and give me his career advices (something that I can’t thank him enough!). I think he really prepare us for the “real world”, giving his feedback and critics without sugar coating, I think that’s what makes you improve so much! Couldn’t recommend him more!

The thing I appreciated the most was how he was upfront with his expectations. It didn’t feel like there were any surprises when I received my grades. This is personal preference but I am really glad he focused on capturing life and the tenants of animation before trying to ‘break’ the rules. That to me also helped define what my expectations were to be.

I enjoy hearing about Kevin’s adventures working in the industry. His Q&As are very informative in regards to animation tips and how the animation industry works. You can ask him anything and get a detailed response. Also, his grading is tough but fair, following professional standards, which I value a lot. It’s nice to have an honest gauge of where my skill level is at.

Kevin tells it the way he see’s it from a professional point of view. He knows what it takes to succeed in this industry so he has very high standards which I think is helping me improve my skill set on week to week basis. His e-crits are exact and to the point, and his Q&A’s are always a joy and thought provoking.

Clear and precise critiques. I feel like his methods of teaching are forcing us to develop our animator eye and look for the smallest details which brings the character to life and also helps me coming one step closer to a career in animation.

I think that by following Kevin’s advice I am on the way to becoming an animator.