Mentor Mathew Rees 2 Mathew Rees

Mathew Rees

Supervising Senior Animator,
Aardman Animation

Film: Pirates! Band of Misfits (un-credited)

Short Film: Remote, Flight of the Stories, Darkside, Special Delivery, Ray’s Big Idea, The Bear and the Squirrel, Grandpa in My Pocket

Television: Grandpa in My Pocket

Game: Conflict: Desert Storm 2, Conflict: Vietnam, The Great Escape

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Did You Know?
The late, great animation legend Richard Williams had a studio space at Aardman and I would spend many a lunchtime chatting with him and listening to his stories about Milt Kahl and Ken Harris. He’d even show line tests from the project he was animating. He was a massive inspiration and my mind was blown daily!

Mathew’s Demo Reel

What Mathew’s Students are Saying

Mat has been the best mentor I have had so far, he’s very hands on with his Q&As, and always has an answer to our questions. His critiques are fantastic, and I can really see where I need to improve with the way he explains it, I feel I have improved massively since having Mat has a mentor. Thanks Mat!

Mat Rees just gets it. Just the black and white of how things work. He can see instantly what causing issues. Best of all he explains things in a way that makes total sense to me. On top of all that he’s clever, entertaining and down to earth. And generous with his time.

Mat is an all around superstar. He’s the most helpful mentor I’ve ever had, kind in his feedback and incredibly encouraging. I really wasn’t sure if taking this course was a good idea but learning from him has made the course worth every penny I paid. Such an amazing once in a lifetime experience!

Mathew always has the time to answer your questions and he is able to highlight areas of your animation that need improvement and explain why they need polished more. Mathew also opens your shot during the Q&A and shows you how to fix a problem that you may be having with your shot which i find extremely helpful in helping me visualize what it should look like or how the curves should look.