Mentor Mike Gasaway Mike Gasaway

Mike Gasaway

Writer, Director, Producer, Animator

Film: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Television: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, House of Mouse, Back at the Barnyard and Planet Sheen

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Did You Know?
He is deathly afraid of shaved coconuts.

Known For:

Jimmy Neutron boy Genuis Mike GasawayJimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
nickelodeon planet sheen Mike GasawayPlanet Sheen
nickelodeon back at the barnyard Mike GasawayBack at the Barnyard
mickeys movie house Mike GasawayHouse of Mouse

What Mike’s Students are Saying

I am very happy that I got a chance to learn animation from sir Mike Gasaway. After joining his sessions I understood the true power of workflow. I was able to see huge difference in my work and also in my understanding about animation. Without him, I think my journey of Animation mentor would have been incomplete. One day I will be a professional character animator and in this future achievement, huge credit will go to him. Everything I learned from him was well worth it and super helpful.

He is AMAZING! I wish every mentor was like him. I love that he thinks about what he’s going to say before recording his ecritique and gets it back to us ASAP. Huge. He’s one of those rare teachers who really cares about each student and insuring they’re on track. His lectures are filled with information, enthusiasm and an inclusive, positive energy. He makes me feel assured and inspired to push forward even when I am feeling discuoiraged with technical issues etc. I love his methods/approach.

I enjoyed that he not only gave us critique on our animations, but also told us about working in the industry and gave us some insight into how animating for TV and animating for film are different. I also appreciated the emotional pep talks he gave us about sticking with our work and not giving up because we think we aren’t good enough. Overall, I feel like I learned a lot, but I also gained some confidence in myself.

Mike is very open and approachable, and gives great feedback. Critiques are always timely as well as short and to the point. Q&As are both informative and entertaining. Mike’s previous work experiences have given him a great skill set which translates extremely well to teaching and guiding young animators. He also does demonstrations in Maya, which not all mentors do. Overall, Mike has been an incredible mentor!

Mike is simply the best mentor I’ve studied with. He’s not just an animator, he’s a real teacher. And his teaching style works.

Mike is extremely organized and comes prepared for critiques and lectures with super helpful tips. His way of guiding us through shots with a specific workflow makes each shot so much less stressful and really makes me feel like my actual animation skills are being used much more than they would if I were struggling with Maya to achieve the vision I have for a shot. And I’m learning a ton from him in terms of that as well. He also gets back to students super quickly throughout the week.