Mentor Nicole Herr1 Nicole Herr

Nicole Herr

Senior Animator, Netflix Animation

Film: The Lion King, Rampage, Power Rangers, Disney’s The Jungle Book, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sucker Punch, Hop, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Iron Man 2, Furry Vengeance, Watchmen, Speed Racer, I Am Legend, Real Steel, Monster House, Surf’s Up, Ghost Rider, Open Season, Titanic, Space Jam

Television: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow

Commercials: Apple: iMac with Retina 5K display – The Evolution of Retina, The New Kindle Voyage, Game of Thrones: Dragon, McDonald’s: Earth’s Treasure, Stratego, Batman: Arkham Origins

Short Film: The Chubbchubbs!, Pepe & Lucas

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Did You Know?
One of Nicole’s earliest film jobs was to help restore the original Fantasia animation. That restored footage was used in Fantasia 2000.

Known For:

Disney TheLionKing 2019 Nicole HerrThe Lion King (2019)
Disney Jungle Book Nicole HerrThe Jungle Book
ILM Guardians Galaxy Poster Nicole HerrGuardians of the Galaxy
ILM Iron Man 21 Nicole HerrIron Man 2

Nicole’s Demo Reel

What Nicole’s Students are Saying

Up to this point, Nicole is probably my favorite mentor that I’ve had since starting AM. She gives great feedback, covers topics thoroughly, and gets the class members engaged in the Q&A’s by asking great questions. She gives Maya demonstrations & provides great real world insight into the industry. She also is super prompt about the eCritiques, getting them done on Sunday afternoon’s.

Nicole is an incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring creature animation mentor. She’s explained animation in a way that none of my mentors have before. She has always been calm and emphasized being good to yourself as you learn and enter your field. I deeply appreciate her clear value for work/life balance and mental health that is so lacking for my generation. Nicole is a great contrast against my previous bouncing-off-the-walls mentors, while still being a crazy animator to the core!

Nicole is very engaging and is very genuine with her feedback and Q&A sessions. Her critiques are done just a few hours after the submission deadline which is awesome and she’s very clear with the feedback that she gives. She offers lots of useful advice with your shot and with working in the industry in general. Would love to have her as a mentor again.

Nicole has been the best mentor I’ve had so far. She’s really effective at teaching the material in a way that’s easily understood. It feels like she’s been doing this for years and years and has an answer for every question. Her critiques have been some of the most effective I’ve had yet. She identifies all the problems in my shot and offers solutions without holding my hand though it. Her suggestions have always been very on point and I highly, highly recommend her.

Nicole is always willing to share information on both animation techniques and industry tips. The advice she provides is incredibly inspiring and prepares us for when we enter the workforce. From technical demos to industry-related Q&As, Nicole’s classes are always a wealth of information. I definitely feel like I’m a little bit more prepared for what lies ahead. Nicole is an absolute rockstar mentor!