Mentor PaulAllen1 Paul Allen

Paul Allen

Senior Animator, id Software

Film: Rock Dog, The Book of Life, Free Birds, Ant Bully, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Television: Olive, the Other Reindeer and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Series: Season 1 of Kings of Atlantis for YouTube Red (Animation Director)

Video Games: DOOM Eternal, DOOM VFR, DOOM Eternal DLC:The Ancient Gods, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Did You Know?

Paul can juggle objects, not ferrets, never again.

Known For:

idSoftware Doom Eternal Paul AllenDoom Eternal
rock dog Paul AllenRock Dog
Reel FX Book Life Paul AllenThe Book of Life
343industries halo game Paul AllenHalo: The Master Chief Collection

Paul’s Demo Reel

What Paul’s Students are Saying

I appreciate that Paul sticks strictly to the guidelines for the projects and that he was able to rein our ideas in to manageable animations. It was also great that he pushed us to complete 3 animations for the class. Having the quick deadlines made me have to work harder, smarter, and faster to try to get the work done. He does a great job of trying to engage the class in discussion which can be hard to do in a web class.

Paul’s lectures were super informative, and did a great job balancing showing technical tips and tricks as well as helpful techniques to improve workflow.

Paul showed us a lot of tips and tricks inside of Maya and added how it’s useful within the principles. He also promptly gave e-critiques (like clockwork!) and answers his messages. Finally, he gives great feedback.

Paul Allen is very friendly and gives a bunch of helpful information on the process of animation, how the body moves and behaves, and provides helpful links and documents that streamlines the animation process. I learned alot this semester thanks to him!