Mentor Ray Ross Ray Ross

Ray Ross

Animator, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Film: Spies in Disguise, Ice Age: Collision Course, Peanuts, Rio 2, Epic, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Rio, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Horton Hears a Who!, Open Season 2, Very first Noel, Transformers: Game Cinematics

Video: The Very First Noel

Game: Transformers: The Game

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Did You Know?
Did you know that Raymond’s nickname is RayRo. He is also an avid camper and loves to canoe.

Known For:

BlueSky SpiesinDisguise poster Ray RossSpies in Disguise
blueskystudios ice age collision Ray RossIce Age: Collision Course
bluesky peanuts poster Ray RossThe Peanuts Movie
BlueSkyStudios Rio 2 Ray RossRio 2

Ray’s Demo Reel

What Ray’s Students are Saying

Ray is the best mentor I’ve had. He’s an amazing person, a super talented, hard-working and inspiring artist and an incredibly dedicated teacher. The interest he shows in his students’ works is extraordinary. He’s always seeking to help them push the quality of their assignements and constantly making sure they’ve got all the support they need. The enthusiasm and expertise shown in his Q&As are outstanding as he’s always looking out to create the richest experience possible for his students.

Ray really cares. He goes above and beyond for the students in that he explains concepts really well and he’s open to checking work mid-week before submission. He grades fairly which to me is very important because realistically I like to know how I am doing without worrying if my mentor is sugarcoating. In that way he is tough, which makes me work harder and animate better each week. Above all else, he is sooo knowledgable and friendly, a great mentor. One of the best. LOVE HIM icon biggrin Ray Ross

Mr. Ross really inspires us, not just through his links but also just by how passionate he is about animation and teaching. He is not afraid to give feedback, which personally has really helped me grow as an animator. I know if not for him I would still be doing the same work flow that caused my animation to be floaty.

Ray is an amazing mentor who cares a lot about his students. He goes out of his way to teach us what we need to know. He’s super fast in getting back to emails and will demo anything you need him to. He’s the kind of mentor that teaches you think the way an animator should. His feed backs and suggestions are the best.

Ray has demonstrated the full capacity of what a mentor should be doing at animation mentor. In Ray’s eCrits he actually breaks down every minute detail in your shot some things I will have missed or have barely thought about. His live QA’s goes into great length about the course matter of the week by gives examples in traditional animation and live action.

I can say Ray is my favourite mentor so far. He’s a great animator but also an excellent teacher. He genuinely cares about the growth of his students. He is very encouraging and doesn’t make you feel like a rookie. His Q+A’s are very informative and fun. I feel comfortable asking a question at any point and he let’s you email him and he get’s back to you very quickly.