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ACME Network Scholarship: New Animators Shine

by | Apr 21, 2014

acme network new animation scholarship students

In November 2013, we announced our exciting partnership with the ACME Network to bring scholarships to aspiring animators. Alumni from Animation Mentor, who are also professional animators, provide feedback to the ACME students. Each week, they visit the ACME Network’s online campus to share feedback, provide constructive criticism, and grow this amazing community of animator’s. Today, we are proud to see how much value ACME students are getting from our Maya Workshop: Animation Basics class. Huge thanks to The ACME Network, the ACME Community, and the Animation Mentor alumni for creating a space for artists to learn animation and what it takes to succeed in the industry.

What Scholarship Recipients Have To Say

“I’ve learned about all sorts of things, not just animation, but how to impress with a demo reel or how to make a job recruiter remember your interview. It was really a great experience!”

“I count the ACME community and the Animation Mentor professional mentors as some of the most wonderful teachers that I have had. It can be very intimidating to share your work with industry professionals, but I knew that my mentor’s critiques were spot on and helped me improve my work.”

“Animation Mentor is a lot of fun! On the road to discovering who I am as an artist, I’ve learned that I love 3D animation work. The Animation Mentor community and its mentors play an important role in helping me learn. The advice the mentors give you is invaluable.”

“This amazing Animation Mentor scholarship that ACME generously gave me has already helped me improve in my work and expand my knowledge of 3D animation. I have learned new skills in this workshop and will apply these concepts to my educational and professional work.”

Check out ACME’s Blog Post To Read About These Amazing Students

How To Get Involved

The ACME Network is an incredible non-profit organization that is bringing online education and mentoring to middle school, high school and college students. Learn more about ACME and the opportunities they offer to the community.

At Animation Mentor, we are thrilled to partner with the ACME Network. Our alumni volunteer to give back to the animation community and give feedback to the ACME students. If you are an alumni looking to get involved, please submit a Support Request so we can get you involved!

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