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Animation Fundamentals: Student Work Walkthru

by | Jul 19, 2013

Animation Mentor student Manar Al-Tawam once began in Day 1, Class 1 and since then, he has grown into a truly impressive animator. We applaud Manar, and encourage you to take a look at his work at each stage of Animation Mentor. To join Manar in the Animation Mentor community and learn from the pros, apply now.

Animation Basics. (Class 1)
Learn the fundamental principles of animation. You also learn the value of integrating a character into your work. Then, as the class progresses, you develop a deeper understanding of these principles to create even more balanced and believable creatures and movements — and culminate with a walk.

Animation Body Mechanics Basics. (Class 2)
Take the core concepts of body mechanics to create believable physical movement. To learn this realism, it’s important to develop your eye for common pitfalls and identify trusted solutions.

Animation Body Mechanics Advanced. (Class 3)
Collaborate with your fellow students and resource the AMP™ Studio Production Pipeline in a sequence-based learning environment. You begin using our Stella, Stan, and Sloan character rigs to help you develop a fuller understanding of fundamental animation principles and more advanced elements of body mechanics.

Introduction to Acting. (Class 4)
Find your “voice” as an animator. You breathe life into your character through believable, sincere, and entertaining performances. You learn to make sincere, non-cliché acting choices while applying the value of entertainment and contrast within your work. Your work and talent give your character a heart, mind, and soul.

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Want to read his key insights from each class? Get a week-by-week breakdown from Manar on his blog.

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