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Animation Pipeline In Action: Watch Student Work

by | Sep 23, 2013

learn from studio animation


Today is the first day of Fall Term 2013 at Animation Mentor. WOOT! Welcome to all new students, continuing students, alumni and mentors — we cannot wait to see the awesome work you produce. During the Summer Term, you took advantage of the new tools like the AMP pipeline and HD eCritique provided by Animation Mentor and we wanted to highlight some of your awesome work.

Sequence-Based Learning.

In Animation Body Mechanics Advanced, we offer a collaborative curriculum that teaches you to animate in sequence, across cuts, and work within a team of animators. During Summer Term, mentor Dimos Vrysellas (Head of Animation, March Entertainment) lead a class that animated the hilarious animation sequence above.


We are thrilled to have VFX Fundamentals students on campus and kickin’ ass. The VFX community brings a whole new perspective to campus. Our HD eCritique tool is a proprietary tool that allows mentors to record a video of feedback and suggestions for students. The best part is that all eCritique are available for all students to view. Check out another student’s eCritique to see what type of advice their mentor is offering. Learning does not stop at your personal workspace, you can learn from the entire community. Check out the example above to see an excerpt and the type of feedback to expect from the pros.

Producing A Short Film.

Our campus operates different than other schools. The studio-school model is one that takes students through a professional, production workflow. You not only animate in a sequence with other animators, but then (if chosen), the sequence from your class goes on to be lit and rendered by VFX students. Animation Mentor is the only online school where you can get this experience.

learn from production animation

Join Us.

Learning within the studio-school will teach you the foundations of animation or visual effects, give your the experience of working on a production, and give you access to top industry professionals.

Ready to join? Apply today to start classes in January 2014.

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