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Attention Alumni: Did You Know We Offer Refresher Courses?

by | Nov 2, 2012

Refreshers Course

Refresher courses are a great way for Animation Mentor alumni like yourself to return to campus and perfect your skills, get familiar with new techniques — and just get better, more confident, and more practiced in your animations. The courses provide the added benefits of working under the guidance of new mentors and sharing ideas with a new group of students.

You may register for each of the classes in our Character Animation Program:

Class 1, Basic Foundations
Class 2, Psychology of Body Mechanics
Class 3, Advanced Body Mechanics
Class 4, Introduction to Acting
Class 5, Advanced Acting
Class 6, Polishing & Portfolio

Stand Out and Register Today
Animation is hard work. You know that. And you also know that you have to nurture that continual learner mindset of yours. That’s where a refresher course can help. To register, please:

Email [email protected].
Indicate “Register for Refresher Course” in subject line.
Provide your first, last name, and the refresher course of interest.
Note: You must be an Animation Mentor alumnus to register for refresher courses.

After you register, get ready to return to campus … then get ready to elevate your work to make it stand out.

— The Animation Mentor Crew


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