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Evolution of a CG Camera

by | Dec 12, 2013

visual effects cg camera model

In-progress CG Basics Project 2 by student Yiwen Ling

Every term Animation Mentor students produce awesome and inspirational work, but it isn’t until the Student Showcase that we get to show it off. However, we have received many requests to see more student work and that is precisely what we are going to do. Get ready to check out terrific work by talented many students – stay tuned into the blog to see it all.

CG Basics teaches students the basics of VFX with modeling and surfacing and progress to lighting and compositing. This gives you a full sense of how all the pieces fit together to create the finished visual effects graphic. Check out a week-by-week breakdown of CG Basics and then get a free “VFX Are Everywhere” eBook.

Class: CG Basics (VF01)
Assignment: VF01_PROJECT-002: This second project once again covers the complete VFX process, but digs deeper into more advanced topics, spending more time on each step of the way. You will choose your own basic asset to create from scratch and shoot your own background plate for integration.
Length of Assignment: 7 Weeks
Student: Yiwen Ling
Mentor: Jeff Johnson
Term: Fall 2013 (12 Weeks)

Week 5: Project 002 Begins

Week 6: Hard Surface Modeling 2: Explore some additional techniques like NURBS, comparing and contrasting their strengths and weaknesses against your old standby polys.

visual effects cg camera model pre visualization

Week 7: UV Mapping: Understanding UVs and UV Mapping are part of the look development process. Unwrap your model and get UVs prepped for texture mapping.

visual effects uv

uv render map

Week 8: Shaders & Materials: Go deeper with the many different shader and material variables to keep pushing the realism and style of your images.

uv render map

texture render map

Week 11: Lighting and Rendering Process: Learn the CG camera and the render process. Rendering is taking a snapshot of our 3D scene and turning it into a 2D image.

visual effects cg camera model

NOTE: This is only a glimpse of the class, view the full week-by-week breakdown here.

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