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Webinar Recap: Is Animation Mentor Worth It?

by | Jun 10, 2020

Is Animation Mentor Worth It? Yes. Here's Why.

Is Animation Mentor Worth It?

Aspiring animators often come across Animation Mentor in their research (we were the first online animation school, so it’s only fitting!) and have tons of questions for us about our courses, mentors, and alumni prospects.

Because so many people ask great questions, we thought we’d open the conversation up and bring a larger group together to talk about our school.

Below is a recap of our webinar, “ Is Animation Mentor Worth It?” in which our admissions team, Tim and Mars, talk through the benefits of the curriculum, community, and future career prospects.

We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Webinar & Campus Tour

If you missed our live campus tour and webinar, never fear! You can watch the whole recording below:

Webinar Highlights

43 Animation Mentor students, graduates and mentors worked on Into the Spider-Verse

Each number represents how many Animation Mentor graduates, students, and mentors worked on these awesome movies.

This is a good representation of the types of jobs our graduates are getting. And it’s not just these big studios. Our students and graduates are getting jobs in smaller and medium studios, too. It’s important to understand that there’s a lot of animation work in video games and TV.
– Mars

In the real world, in the industry, the demo reel is what speaks volumes. Studios like DreamWorks, they don’t care about degrees. They want to make sure your demo reel is rock solid and looks like they could put you to work right now. – Tim

We have students from the Philippines, students from Australia, students from Spain, students from around the world, and we usually have schedules that fit their time zone…It’s just a matter of choosing which one! – Tim

One of the things that I noticed about Animation Mentor years ago is that everybody is working to better their demo reel and get a job in the industry, but I don’t ever see anyone elbowing each other out of the way. Everybody is always lending a hand and pulling each other forward. – Mars

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