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If there’s one thing we emphasized this year — it’s that an animator’s work is never done. You’re always looking to improve your art and craft, to make for that better performance … in essence, to stand out.

And like we always tell you — that’s not a bad thing.


Embrace the Continual Learner in You
It’s all about embracing that continual learner mentality inherent in every great animator. This means pouring over the finer details of your work, reviewing the great materials available to you, listening to the masters at work, and believing in yourself that you can do this.

Best of all … you don’t have to do this alone. So let’s get ready for 2013 and work together to:

Learn from our webinars.
Resource our countless hours of tips and tricks.
Register for the Lighting Your Shot workshop.
Get inspired.

The past year has been full of inspiration. Look for the same — and a lot more — in 2013.

Happy New Year.

— The Animation Mentor Crew

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