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Meet Squirrels! Free Animation Rig

by | Apr 8, 2014

squirrel rig free animation character

Meet Squirrels! One more time … SQUIRRELS! Squirrels is our second FREE animation rig available to the public. After the release of Stewart, you told us you were looking for a more basic-level rig. We designed Squirrels based on your input and suggestions. A team of professionals built an incredible character rig for beginner-level animators. The easy-to-use Autodesk Maya® controls enable animators to focus on essential principles like squash and stretch, appeal, and overlapping action. Squirrels is the rig that will showcase your mastery of the principles while still adding unique personality to your demo reel.

Squirrels is ready for you to animate, today! A free, professional-quality animation rig built just for you, go ahead, download the rig.

    “The new Squirrels rig is awesome! He is super appealing. There is a lot of great squash and stretch built into him. Great overlap. A really simple, clear design where you can get a lot of character performance out of this little guy.”

    -Drew Adams (DreamWorks Animator & mentor at Animation Mentor)

A Playlist of Free Tutorials Just For You!

As the original online animation school, we pioneered and polished the best way to teach to animators from over 105 countries around the world. With the most diverse roster of professional animators as mentors, we bring the very best to teach and guide you through the art of animation. Mentor, Drew Adams, gives you a taste of the quality of our education is this series of free animation tutorials. After you download Squirrels, watch the videos where Drew walks you through animation from concept to final and discusses:

  • How to use the rig controls
  • How to animate a basic hop
  • How to add overlapping action to the mouth
  • How to add overlapping action to the ears
  • How to add overlapping action to the tail

Share your work. Learn to animate this Spring.

We know you’ll enjoy the quality and appeal of Squirrels! Share your animation with us on Facebook or Twitter (@animationmentor #squirrels #animation).

Want to learn even more?

Register for Maya Workshop: Animation Basics to get started animating on May 12, 2014.

Happy animating!

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