New Animation Character Rigs: Download and Use Now


Today, we are excited to announce that our new animation character rigs — Stan, Stella, and Sloan — are available for immediate download and use:

    Current students

    Access the characters through the Characters/Tools section of the Student Site or through the AMP™ Studio Production Pipeline (access is dependent on your current class enrollment).

    Character Animation Program alumni and
    Students who have completed the first Animals and Creatures class

    Download the characters through the Characters/Tools section of the Student Site.

We look forward to seeing what you create with the characters.

Embrace the Power of the Story
You heard about our new characters and alumni had an early sneak peek and dove right in. We received some incredible feedback right out of the gate. Guillermo Molina gave us a big booster of confidence when he said:

“Whoa. It’s like the new rigs are made with love. I’m impressed by how well they work together and they are meant to be pushed a lot. I was about to start a new acting dialogue shot but with [these new character rigs] out, they sort of like inspire you to animate them. Way to go, really good job.”

Thank you, Guillermo. Everyone on the project is so pumped and looking forward to the incredible stories you all create.

Stay Close to the Tribe
Stan, Stella, and Sloan are just the start of several new additions to the character tribe. If you want to be the first to learn of the new releases — be sure to sign up for our character rig updates.

— Justin Owens, Product Development Lead


  1. are the rigs open for everyone? I’m learning how to animate and would love to get my hands on a rig do you know of any other good places to find rigs?

  2. Hi! I just graduated from the Animals and Creatures program. I’m really excited about these new characters, but I can only find Sloan [the dog] in my Characters/Tools section. Are Stan and Stella somewhere else? Or are they coming later?


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