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Stand Out with Our Lighting Your Shot Workshop

by | Nov 12, 2012

You’ve worked really (really) hard on your shot and it looks pretty good. After all, you’ve added the Foley, integrated dialogue perfectly, and accounted for every minute detail in your animation. But there’s still that something that you could add to make it stand out. What could that be?
Our six-week Lighting Your Shot workshop teaches you how to effectively use lighting to set the mood, evoke an emotion, and add a critical element to your storytelling. Each of these components serves a vital role in elevating your demo reel and shot to stand out.
Check out this video for behind-the-scenes footage and a student’s perspective after completing the workshop:



Ready to add new level to your work? Sure you are.
Register now for the Winter 2013 term of Lighting Your Shot and put your work in the best light.
— The Animation Mentor Crew

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