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VFX or Not Reveal – #BreakingBad

by | Nov 4, 2013

breaking bad visual effects

You were right. In our first VFX poll “Real or Not: Breaking Bad,” an overwhelming 96% of voters knew that this Breaking Bad image was done in CG. We applaud your understanding of CGI, but we also want to applaud the artist of the image: Frank Tzeng.

This week, we will be releasing our next VFX poll and testing more of your CG eye for detail. Keep your skills top notch and share your wisdom with the community. If you have an image you’d like us to use for the series – email events (at) animationmentor.com.

Lastly, artist Frank Tzeng has produced some other incredible work that we thought you’d enjoy:

old man facial expression animation

creature monster 3d model

demon 3d cgi

man of steel superman 3d cg animation model

Frank’s Website
Frank on CGHUB

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