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3 Things I Learned in Animation Mentor's Cartoony Animation Workshop

Today we have a special post from one of our awesome students, Felipe Almeida! Felipe shares with us his experience and key takeaway moments during his time in the Cartoony Animation Workshop with former Pixar Animator Mark Oftedal. It’s no secret that when you’re in the cartoony animation mindset, the phrase “you can’t do that” goes right out the door. See how Felipe was adopted the cartoony mindset into his work as a 3D animator. Read along, check out the cool shots he walked away with and be inspired to embark on this journey!

– The Animation Mentor Crew

    Felipe Almeida, Animator

    ANIMATION MENTOR: Where are you from and how long have you been animating?

    FELIPE: I’m from Rio de Janerio, Brazil and I’ve been working in animation for 4 years.

    ANIMATION MENTOR: Where do you currently work and what are some projects you’re currently working on?

    FELIPE: I`m currently working in the Combo Estudio. I’m part of a super cool project for YouTube called Any Malu, who is the first animated YouTuber in the world!

    2D Goofy Master Study done by Felipe

    ANIMATION MENTOR: Why did you decide to take the Cartoony Workshop?

    FELIPE: I decided to take Cartoony because I’m always trying to improve my animation and learn something different. And also, I always had the dream to become a Disney animator someday, and I thought that the Cartoony Workshop could help me gain a strong base to build my cartoony workflow and in hopes of elevating my skills as an animator. Additionally, my girlfriend who is currently in Advanced Acting (class 5) at Animation Mentor, had recommended Animation Mentor to me 🙂

    Some of Felipe’s work in Cartoony Animation

    ANIMATION MENTOR: What did you learn from the workshop?

    FELIPE: The most amazing thing about the workshop was learning how to analyze classics like Donald Duck or Ichabod Crane, for example. Then from there, I would recreate that animation and workflow on a 3D character. Above all, getting the opportunity to study with Mark was other amazing experience. He is such a wonderful person and an AMAZINGLY talented teacher. Having the privilege to be one of his students along with the time I spent in his class and all that I learned will be part of my workflow forever.

    ANIMATION MENTOR: Finally, what advice would you give to students after taking this workshop?

    FELIPE: STUDY STUDY STUDY!! I can’t emphasize how important this is. Always try your best and put your best foot forward. All in all, the Cartoony Workshop was amazing, Mark was amazing and Animation Mentor is amazing. To anyone on the fence, don’t miss out on the chance to learn many things about animation, make friends and have a great experience!

    Felipe’s Demo Reel

    Mark Oftedal

    Learn Cartoony Animation with Mark Oftedal!

    Mark Oftedal is a character designer, animator, and animation instructor. He was an integral part of Pixar where he worked on Toy Story, A Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2. Mark was also a part of the award-winning short film, The Pumpkin of Nyefar, where he traveled to Thailand to co-direct. Mark has also co-founded the 3D software service provider DigitalFish Inc. who clients include DreamWorks Animator, Google and NASA.

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