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Animation Mentor vs. AnimSchool, iAnimate, and CG Master Academy 3D Animation Courses

See why Animation Mentor is a better choice than AnimSchool, CG Master Academy, or iAnimate for those who want to become professional 3D Animators.

  • Learn how to animate from professional working animators at top studios
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Beginner Tips & Tricks E-book Contents Include:

  • Career Advice
  • How Important is an Art Background to being an Animator
  • Who is Cut Out for Animation
  • What’s the Role of an Animator
  • Questions and Answers About the Job Market
  • 6 Animation Dos and Don’ts
  • Shawn Kelly Answers 5 Burning Questions About Demo Reels
  • 6 Tips From Recruiters that Look at Your Demo Reel
  • The Working Life of An Animator
  • What’s it Like to be a Pixar Animator
  • From Animation Mentor to Captain America: Civil War
  • From Animation Mentor to Head of Animation for Big Hero 6
  • Animating for Live Action vs. Animated Films
  • 8 Things Maya Noobs Should Know
  • Getting Everything Done: Time Management for Animators
  • How to Maximize Your Productivity as an Animator
  • Insecurity: Your Best Friend
  • Be Brave: 7 Ways to Overcome Your Insecurity
  • 6 Most Common Mistakes of Beginning Animators
  • Animation Mentor Courses and Workshops

Intermediate Tips & Tricks E-book Contents Include:

  • What Type of Animator Should I Be
  • Why I Learned Cartoony Animation
  • Are you Meant to be a Game Animator
  • Why I Learned Game Animation
  • Meeting the Award-Nominated Horizon Zero Dawn Animators from Animation Mentor
  • What Separates a Good Animator from a Bad Animator?
  • How to Maximize Your Productivity
  • I’ll Never Be As Good An Animator as So and So…
  • The 12 Basic Principles of Animation
  • Animation Mentor Courses and Workshops