Mentor Tim Ingersoll Tim Ingersoll

Tim Ingersoll

Animator, DreamWorks Animation

Film: How to Train your Dragon 2, How to Train your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda Furious Five, Enchanted, Over the Hedge, Shark Tale, Sinbad, Spirit, El Dorado, Prince of Egypt, PageMaster, Cats Don’t Dance, Prince and Pauper, The Little Mermaid, Roger Rabbit, and many more.

Short: Mushka ( short 2D film currently in production) by Disney legend, Andreas Deja

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Did You Know?
I went on the Newlywed Game and won the grand prize!

Known For:

DreamWorks Train Dragon 2 Tim IngersollHow to Train Your Dragon 2
DreamWorks Train Dragon Tim IngersollHow to Train Your Dragon
Disney Little Mermaid Tim IngersollThe Little Mermaid
Road el dorado Tim IngersollRoad to El Dorado

What Tim’s Students are Saying

Tim gives me real life answers to real life question I have about becoming a profession animator. When starting the program, I was a little skeptical about the school, but having Tim as my first mentor has given me so much confidences in Animation Mentor and in myself as well! I really do see myself becoming a better animator.

I definitely learned a lot from Tim. I learned a lot about what to expect when I get a job in the animation industry. He taught me a lot of skills and techniques on how to make my animation better and his lectures were very very helpful.

Tim is the best mentor you can imagine. His critiques are very helpful and our Q&As are never boring. I’m learning so much from him and I’m very happy I chose him to be my mentor this term.

Tim has got such amazing energy and enthusiasm for animation and somehow injects that into us every Q and A. I have not left one session feeling anything but inspired and motivated to follow this dream of becoming an animator. He has a wealth of knowledge and is not shy to share it with us. Tim is always genuinely enthusiastic and excited about our ideas and never makes you feel like you have done a bad job, with killer feedback and tips he knows exactly how to help you improve your work.