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Animating my first robot vfx shot

by | May 21, 2013


I was talking to a guy from Tippett Studio the other day that I used to work with about the “old days.” The first feature film I worked on was a VFX film called, “Virus” at Tippett Studio in 1997.

The first shot I ever worked on was what I called “the foot shot.” Goliath, the robot, was to step into frame. I remember being both nervous and excited all at the same time to be working on my first shot for a feature film! I did just about everything wrong on this shot, ha ha. Let’s see, I didn’t listen to direction, I broke the rig about 100 times — but somehow, I managed to muscle my way through it and they kept me around. Whew.

When the production wrapped, the director called Tippett Studio back to do one extra shot. He wanted a full body shot of Goliath to show how the character was able to move through the set while being powerful. This was a pretty big creature and a pretty big VFX shot in the film (there weren’t many shots like this). I was shocked and honored when they called on me to be the animator for it. I had come a long way from “the foot shot.” Overall, I had such a blast working on this film. To this day, my experience working as a creature animator at Tippett Studio was one of my most favorite!

Thanks for coming on a trip with me down memory lane and I hope you enjoy the shots below.

— Bobby

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