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Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Animation Mentor Student Showcase! The Animation Mentor community eagerly anticipates this annual event and it’s finally here.

We are truly proud, inspired, and amazed by the work our students create after completing the 18 month Character Animation Program.

This year’s Animation Mentor Showcase features the work of 22 students from 15 different countries. Each shot highlights their amazing animation talent, storytelling skills, and a passion for the art of animation. Each fervently animates for 18 months using our new tribe rigs, iterates based on feedback by their mentors and peers, and practices good ol’ fashioned perseverance.

The result: AWESOME.

Please celebrate with us and congratulate the students who made it to the 2014 Showcase! We invite you to watch, get inspired, and start animating!

– The Animation Mentor Crew

An animation shot from a recent Animation Mentor graduate, Patrick Mueller, from Germany


Want to start animating?


  1. Not as good as it used to be before … animation lacks polish ..some look really bad to be on this reel.. there are only one or two shot that actually looks appealing.

  2. An all together brilliant showcase. Huge congratulations to the students who made the showcase and very well done indeed.

  3. Wow, this was a great year! There’s some really amazing shots in here!! I love the spin on all the dialogue I recognized too- The Matrix, Night at the Museum, etc.

  4. Ah! Been waiting for this. I’m so glad it’s finally here! Loved all of those, especially that Matrix one in the mall. Perfect. I’m hoping to enroll next Fall! Maybe someday I’ll be featured on one of these 😉 Great stuff, Animation Mentor!


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