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Boutique 23 Animation Rigs: Meet Filipo and Gumosa

by | Apr 13, 2016

Boutique23 Filipo and Gumosa

As part of the Animation Mentor student experience, we make it a priority to make sure all our students are equipped with the right tools to bring their shots to the next level – one being the ability to tell stories that are brought to life with studio quality character rigs. Back in October, we linked up with Boutique23, the first online boutique for animation-ready original characters. The partnership with B23 has been nothing short of awesome and today, we are happy to announce two more characters for our amazing tribe. Check ’em out in action and tell your story with one of these characters.

– The Animation Mentor Crew

Hey everyone! We’re excited to showcase two more characters available to our students via our continued partnership with our friends at Boutique23. If you missed our previous post where we introduced Boutique23, they are a great group of people bringing affordable and professional quality rigs to animators. Their character designs continue to be fun and unique, and get us pumped to animate with.

Today we’re excited to share two more of their great rigs, Filipo and Gumosa! We can’t be more thrilled to add these great rigs to our tribe of characters and to share them with our students and alumni.

We’re always going to be developing our own exclusive characters, but it’s great to be able to showcase the great talent of the Boutique23 crew, while also expanding the character options for our students. Check out the walkthrough videos below to see these characters in action!

GUMOSA turn around

GUMOSA face controls

GUMOSA Body controls

FILIPO turn around

FILIPO face controls

FILIPO Body controls

We can’t wait to see what our students and alumni create with these characters!

Happy animating!

-The Animation Mentor Crew

Want to get access to rigs like Filipo and Gumosa?
Animation Mentor continues to add new characters to its rig library so students have a variety of production ready rigs for their animation shots and the ability to tell diverse storytelling.

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