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Free Workshop: Introduction to Substance 3D Painter

by | May 22, 2024

Recording of live webinar from May 22, 2024 with Michael Tanzillo

Learn how to utilize Substance 3D Painter to simplify and superpower your 3D workflow in this free hour-long workshop. This workflow will allow you to interactively paint and layer materials on your 3D model to make it look however you want.

Thanks to Michael Tanzillo, the Head of 3D Technical Artists at Adobe Substance 3D for giving us a great introduction to the software, including some tips on workflow with Autodesk Maya. Watch the full webinar above or here on YouTube.

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About Michael Tanzillo

Michael Tanzillo has worked in the animation and VFX industries for nearly two decades. He spent over a decade at Blue Sky Studios as a lighting artist and technical director, culminating in a role as Head of Training. Michael currently works at Adobe Substance 3D as the Head of 3D Technical Artists.

Michael’s credits include Ice Age: Scrat Tales, Spies in Disguise, Ferdinand, The Peanuts Movie, Rio 1 and 2, and many more.

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