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Choose Your Time AND Your Mentor

by | Oct 10, 2012


The Animation Mentor crew likes choices. So this got us to thinking …
Wouldn’t it be great if you could schedule a class for a certain time with a certain mentor? That way, you and your friends could enjoy the experience together.
Today is your lucky day.
We are excited to announce that when you log into our Registration Portal, you can choose your class time AND your mentor. Now you can plan a school schedule that works best for you.
Of course, we don’t exactly make the choices easy for you … not when our mentor roster includes the same professionals who are animating your favorite big screen, TV, and video game characters.
But once you book your time and mentor, you’ll step inside our fantastic and creative world — something we like to call the Animation Mentor community. It’s a thriving and global world of staff, students, alumni, mentors, instructors, and industry professionals — united by the passion for all things animation … and dedicated to helping you become the best animator you can possible be. It’s all part of this home of creative inspiration.
If you are new to Animation Mentor or thinking about enrolling, we welcome you. And if you are joining your fellow students or alumni, we welcome you back to campus.
And to think, this all happens when you have the power to choose. Yup, choices are a good thing.
See you on campus.
— The Animation Mentor Crew

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