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Free Animation Rig: Download Now

by | Oct 16, 2013

“We’re excited to be providing a great rig to the CG community at large. Stewart was designed to be flexible, simple and fast. So many of the issues we see from student and professional work is a lack of solid body mechanics. You can get away with a lot in animation, but if your mechanics are off even the untrained eye can spot it. For this reason we wanted to get people excited about working with a great character with the focus on improving their foundation!”
– Bobby Beck (CEO and Cofounder of Animation Mentor)

You asked us for a free rig. Good news: you got one!

The brand new Tribes character, Stewart, is available for FREE download. We worked hard to produce a character that would exceed your expectations. When you download him today, you’ll love him for all the reasons we do:

  • He’s free!
  • He’s a professional quality rig with intuitive controls and simple design.
  • He’s built for action with exceptional body mechanics.
  • He’s great for animators of all levels.

Download Stewart today. We look forward to seeing your animation soon. Share him (and your animation) with the rest of the community @animationmentor #freerig.

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