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Is Your Demo Reel Ready for a Major Studio?

by | Aug 9, 2017

Shawn Kelly Demo Reel Webinar

In our recent webinar, Animation Mentor Co-founder and Industrial Light & Magic Lead Animator Shawn Kelly took a little break from working on Avengers 3 to critique some student demo reels and to talk about do’s and don’ts, creature animation, and what studios are looking for when they review reels.

It was awesome sauce and we learned so much! And now you can watch the replay.

Thanks, Shawn, for filling our brains with so much great demo reel knowledge! And thanks to our three Creatures Workshop alumni—Szilard Hadobas, Alex Yaremchuk, and Chad Yapyapan—for sharing their rad demo reels.

We’ll have more webinars in the future! Stay tuned.

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Shawn Kelly Animation Mentor

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