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Lower Tuition, Shorter Program Length, and Additional Learning Tools

by | Jan 22, 2013

Pay Options

You’ve come to expect a lot from the Animation Mentor crew — and we feel the same way. It’s no wonder that we are so excited about our lower tuition, shorter program length, and new instructional design … all focused on directly addressing the skills that studios seek: The ability to professionally collaborate and apply studio best practice workflows within a studio production pipeline and across multiple disciplines.

Lower Tuition and Shorter Program Length
Our 18-month Character Animation Program had a total tuition of nearly $19,000. Now you can complete our fundamental classes and production tracks for less tuition and in less time. For example, our Animation Fundamentals features four 12-week classes for $10,396. Our VFX Fundamentals includes three 12-week classes for $7,597. And our animation production track curriculum is comprised of three 12-week classes for $7,597. Important: We also offer the flexibility to purchase on a per-class basis — starting at $1,999.

Animation Fundamentals and VFX Fundamentals
We’ve adjusted our curriculum and course structure to meet studio demands. Now, regardless if you are interested in animation, VFX, or both, you can start by taking our Fundamentals — a series of classes that teaches the necessary foundations for each discipline.

Animation Production Tracks
After completing the Animation Fundamentals, you can continue with our animation production tracks where you work collaboratively on an online production and leverage the full capability of our AMP™ studio production pipeline. Our production tracks enable you to complete your studies with real studio production experience. Even if you’re a Character Animation Program graduate, you’re sure to learn new things — such as studio workflows and best practices — within these production tracks.

Additional Learning Tools
We have new intermediate characters starting in the Spring 2013 term, a new advanced character in the Fall 2013 term, a simplified grading system, new loan options, and monthly payment plans.

The AMP Studio Production Pipeline
At the heart of this new instructional design is our state-of-the-art, patent-pending AMP studio production pipeline — a professional-grade distributed asset and shot management tool that allows you to collaborate with other Animation Mentor students around the globe to produce finished film sequences under the direction of your mentor. The education takes place on our Studio Learning Platform — a series of proprietary tools that work together to provide you with the experience of working on a production at a studio. The AMP tool is the first-of-its-kind, fully distributed production pipeline. This environment doesn’t just mimic production, it is production.

Put it all together, and the total value for you is truly industry changing. Now you can learn the studio skill set in a customized, affordable, and quick fashion.

Still the Same Animation Mentor Experience
Rest assured, the same Animation Mentor crew — including animation and VFX industry professionals from leading studios plus the Student Care, Career Services, and Technical Care teams — is still there to guide you every step of the way.

And there’s no better time to start than now. Register today for our Animation Fundamentals … or join our waiting list for the inaugural Summer 2013 term of our VFX Fundamentals. You may also request more information or contact an Admissions Advisor today.

See you in the studio school.

— The Animation Mentor Crew

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