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Contrast and Posing: It Helps to Exaggerate

by | Jan 24, 2013



Dana Boadway Masson is a freelance animator. You see her work in games, on television, and in feature films. She’s also an instructor at Animation Mentor. Most of all, she wants you to tell your story through your animation.

And whatever you do, don’t be shy.

Dana emphasizes the value of contrast in your posing, which helps the audience capture the intent of your emotion and expression. This all begins with exaggeration — which to Dana, is the essence of contrast. Think higher highs, lower lows — both of which can help vary the energy in your animation.

So go ahead, exaggerate.

— The Animation Mentor Crew 

Dana is just one of the many industry professionals who serve as our mentors. Her background and passion for the industry come across in class and in the one-on-one connections she makes with students. Find out for yourself and apply today for our upcoming Spring 2013 term. 

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