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Our Tribe Family Is Growing

by | Jan 25, 2013

AnimRigs Tribes 2013


The Next Generation
Our family is growing this year as we put the finishing touches on the newest additions to our animation character library. This Spring, Stan, Stella, and Scout will be put into the hands of you, our students, beginning with our intermediate Animation Fundamentals and intermediate VFX Fundamentals classes. That’s right, these characters are all surfaced and ready for lighting.


Just for You: The Storyteller
These characters were designed from the ground up with animation and storytelling in mind. We worked with the amazingly talented character designer, Deisign, to develop the look and feel of our tribe. He was able to strike the perfect balance of style and simplicity to put the power of story into your hands.

Our rigger took that same concept of empowering you, the artist, and brought these characters to the next level. The controls are intuitive to use, but give a depth of control that will surprise you. The sheer expressiveness of the characters blew us away. These characters in motion are truly inspiring.

It’s Time to Begin
We can’t wait to animate them ourselves — but the true excitement is waiting to see what you, our Animation Mentor community, will create.

— Justin Owens
Future Animator
Proud Member of the Animation Mentor Crew

From Animation Mentor:
Justin and the rest of the Animation Mentor crew are always here to help. And as you can see by our new instructional design and characters, we are ready to help you pursue your dream.

Register today for our Animation Fundamentals … or join our waiting list for the inaugural Summer 2013 term of our VFX Fundamentals. You may also request more information or contact an Admissions Advisor today. See you in the studio school.

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