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NEW Feature: Secure Your Seat With A Deposit

by | Aug 27, 2013


Secure your mentor and class time
Whether you’ve applied and have just been accepted, or you’re continuing your Animation Mentor education, it’s time to register for the Fall term. Registration is super important – it’s where you select a class time that works best for your schedule.

It’s also where you sign up to learn from the badass mentor you’ve been not-so-secretly stalking on Twitter.

To register follow these simple steps:
1.) Go to https://registration.animationmentor.com/
2.) Click on the “courses” tab.
3.) Choose your course type.
4.) See all the available sections for each course by clicking on the orange “details” button.
5.) Click on the “view details” button to the right of the section you want.
6.) Add it to your cart.
7.) Check out.

Pay with installments
Just for you, we’ve added an awesome new feature on the Registration Portal. Now you can make partial payments using credit or debit cards – pay for your Animation Mentor education, in just a few installments! It’s easy – just select your section and enter your partial payment amount in the checkout screen. Of course, you’ll have to pay your balance amount sooner or later. For the Fall 2013 term, full payment is due on or before September 6, 2013.

Please note: To register and select your section, deposit amount must be $500 or more.

More loan options than ever
We know that not everyone can pay for their education from the silver dollars in their piggy bank. Our awesome loans team has been working with a ton of domestic and international banks to provide private student loans. Check out our loans page for more detail on loans for students in the US, UK, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, and more. When you’re ready, contact us at [email protected] for more detailed information and support.

Just remember, classes fill up fast. To get the time and mentor of your choice, be sure to secure your loan or payment plan as soon as possible and register today!

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