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Alumni Spotlight: Blue Sky Senior Technical Animator Teresa Storhoff

Teresa (Nord) Storhoff has been a huge fan of animation since the age of 7, when Pixar released Toy Story. She works for Blue...
Dave Burgess Films

15 Years: Celebrating with Mentors Greg Kyle & Dave Burgess

Celebrating 15 Years of Animation Mentor As you do with any important birthday, we’ve decided to celebrate 15 years of Animation Mentor all year long!...
Celebrating Animation Mentor's 15th Anniversary

15 Years: Happy Birthday Animation Mentor!

GUESS WHAT?? We’re Celebrating our 15th anniversary and we’re SO EXCITED about it! Our story goes like this: Founded by professional Pixar and Industrial Light &...
Alex Olea with Peter Ramsey and Joshua Beveridge

Meet Alex Olea: Sony Animator and Video Reference Wizard

Interview in English Learning to Animate Animation Mentor: Can you describe your animation journey? How did you arrive at this moment in your career? Alex Olea: I...