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We applaud the artists of Disney's Frozen

by | Jan 29, 2014

In a few words, Disney’s Frozen is CRUSHING it at the box office. It has officially surpassed The Lion King. Frozen has generated $810 million in the global box office since opening in theaters. And, the movie is not showing any signs of slowing down. Although the box office numbers are what make headlines, we know these films and their success would not be possible without the inspired work of CG artists. Major round of applause for the CG artists – you make the Animation Mentor blog headlines. Check out the links below to get some behind-the-scenes insights.

Behind-the-Scenes Articles:

  • Disney’s Blog: Making It Snow – an interview with the Disney’s creative and visual effects teams.
  • “In the case of Frozen, the snow had to do all of those things and one more: it had to originate in the heart, mind, and occasionally the fingertips of the character Elsa, whose control of the weather is a mixture of direct and indirect will.”

  • Fortune Magazine: Disney CEO – an article featuring Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger.
  • “They did, however, import one key Pixar attribute: They put the director, rather than the studio chief or the animation head, in charge of the story. Unlike many studios, Pixar lets the director determine the arc of the narrative. Technology is used in service of the storytelling rather than as its starting point.”

  • Facebook: Frozen Behind-the-Scene Photos – an album of the people who helped make Frozen.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos:

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