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Top 10 Animation Blogs of 2019: Tips, Tricks, & Interviews

by | Jan 14, 2020

Best Animation Mentor Blogs of 2019

2020 is here and so is a brand new decade! To start you off on the right animated foot, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular blog posts of the past year.

In 2019, your favorite posts were a mix of interviews with professional animators, animation tips and tricks, and Animation Mentor news.

We hope this lookback inspires and helps you on your animation journey!

Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2019

Animation Mentor 2019 Student Showcase

By Animation Mentor

It’s no surprise that our amazing 2019 Student Showcase was a popular blog! The showcase featured 19 shots from students representing 13 different countries, and the level of talent was extremely high. Check it out!

Animation Career Advice with Shawn Kelly & Carlos Baena

Shawn Kelly and Carlos Baena share Animation Career Advice

By Shawn Kelly and Carlos Baena

Did you know that together Shawn Kelly and Carlos Baena have worked on over 40 blockbusters?! If you’re curious about a career in animation, or simply wondering what to put on your demo reel, look no further. Shawn & Carlos cover animation career advice from all angles in this entertaining webinar.

Q&A with Pixar Animator Luis Uribe

Luis Uribe, Animation Mentor Alum and Pixar AnimatorBy Animation Mentor

We asked Pixar animator and Animation Mentor graduate Luis Uribe to share his animation journey and advice in English y en español. ¡Sigue leyendo para aprender más!

Carlos Baena’s Journey: Simplicity in Animation

Carlos Baena Simplicity in Animation

By Carlos Baena

Have you ever gotten lost in the complexities of your animation? Do you tend to over-complicate your work? Animation Mentor Co-Founder Carlos Baena walks us through his personal journey towards simplicity and why it’s always better to simplify than complicate.

Q&A with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Animator Nick Kondo

Animation Mentor and Spider-Verse Animator Nick Kondo

By Animation Mentor

We sat down with alumnus and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animator, Nick Kondo, to hear about his animation journey,, AM student experience, and career at Sony Imageworks in Vancouver.

Top 5 Animation Clichés You Should Avoid

Buzz Lightyear's Introduction in Toy Story
By David Burgess

Animation homages aren’t a problem if you use them infrequently, but it’s important to keep your work fresh and creative. Read on to learn David Burgess’ top 5 clichés to look out for!

Q&A with Liron Topaz: Lead Animator and Director at DreamWorks Animation

By Animation Mentor

Lead Animator at DreamWorks Animation, Liron Topaz shares character animation tips and the best advice he’s ever gotten.

Meet Quinn: Animation Mentor’s Newest Rig

Animation Mentor's Quinn rig playing baseball, mod by Richard Vant Hul

By Animation Mentor

We were so excited to introduce our new rig, Quinn, in 2019! Creating a rig is a detailed process, but luckily the Quinn team broke it down for us—from design, to modelling, to rigging, and finally, animation.

Animating the 6 Basic Emotions: Acting Tips from Pro Animators

The Emotions from Disney's Inside Out

By Tim Ingersoll, Kevin Koch, Keith Sintay, Anthony Wong, Jay Davis, and Chadd Ferron

Get your fill of acting and animation tips with our series on Animating the 6 Basic Emotions. Polish your demo reel with advice from our awesome mentors!

New Workshop: 2D Animation for Beginners

Learn 2D Animation from Jay Jackson

By Animation Mentor

We introduced a brand new workshop taught by 2D veteran Jay Jackson last fall! The workshop, 2D Animation for Beginners, is a big hit with students—read on to learn more about it.

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