Game Animation is in Your Future

What Game Animators Do

Being a game animator is like being the conductor of a virtual symphony, where every movement, jump, and action is a note in an epic adventure. It’s not just about making characters move; it’s about giving them life, personality, and flair that players can feel. Game animation is where the magic of feature films meets the thrill of interactive gameplay, with a special focus on body mechanics, weight, and impact.

And here’s the kicker: unlike films, game animators have to make sure their animations look slick and captivating from every angle – no matter how wild the camera swings.

This means you’ve got this incredible level of freedom to unleash your creativity and make characters pop in ways that surprise and delight players. Plus, game animation isn’t some second-rate gig – it’s top-notch, feature-level stuff that attracts the best of the best in the industry.

And guess what? Animation Mentor hooks you up with the ultimate game animation playground, where you can bring your characters to life in real-time using Unreal Engine. So, if you’ve got a passion for creating immersive worlds, game animation might just be your ticket to a career that’s as thrilling as the games you love to play.

Master the Basics

Begin your animation journey by starting with the Maya Workshop if you are new to the Autodesk Maya software and are a beginner. Then master weight and body mechanics to make your game animation that more powerful.

Maya Workshop: Animation Basics

6-Week Workshop


12-Week Course


12-Week Course

Advanced Body

12-Week Course

Get Unreal

Now that you’ve mastered body mechanics, it’s time to get Unreal! Learn how to integrate Maya and Unreal Engine to create interactive gameplay like the pros do.

Game Animation:
Mechanics & Interactive Gameplay

12-Week Course

Master Game Body Mechanics with Unreal Engine

In Game Animation: Mechanics & Interactive Gameplay, delve into the intricacies of interactive gameplay. Learn the fundamentals of character movesets and environmental interactions, essential for creating an immersive gaming experience. Gain hands-on experience with Maya and Unreal Engine, crafting mesmerizing character movements that elevate your game animations.

Check Out Game Mechanics

Game Animation:
Dynamic Action & Combat

12-Week Course

Dominate Dynamic Combat Attacks

Discover dynamic action combat animation in
Game Animation: Dynamic Action & Combat
. Learn the core principles of animating combat sequences to intensify your game animations. Master choreographing dynamic fights with fluid movements and impactful hits. Elevate your Maya and Unreal Engine knowledge, crafting captivating combat animations that keep players engaged.

Check Out Game Combat

Game Animation:
Cinematic Cutscenes

12-Week Course

Create Cinematic Magic

Learn to craft captivating cinematic moments in Game Animation: Cinematic Cutscenes. Learn the art of storytelling through animation as you delve into creating captivating cinematic moments. Master the techniques of scene composition, camera work, and pacing to evoke emotions and immerse players in your game world. Use industry-standard tools like Maya and Unreal Engine like a pro and bring your cinematic visions to life.

Check Out Game Cinematics

On-Going Maya Control Rig Access





Studios that Hire Our Animation Students

Personalized Mentorship

Our mentors are working professionals with years of experience under their belts, and they’re passionate about training the next generation of animators. In this course, you will learn from your mentor in live sessions as they share insights about what studios are working on and what qualities they look for in an animator. Your mentor will work directly with you to grow your skills, sharing weekly 1:1 feedback and reviews to help you improve your animation.

Studio-Level Animation Training

Our program immerses you in a studio-like environment, ensuring you’re job-ready upon graduation. You’ll learn with the same tools and workflows as industry professionals, mastering Unreal Engine to gain skills that set you apart in the competitive game animation industry. Our campus mimics a studio environment, fostering collaboration and creativity as students interact with each other, learning from both the material and your peers. This mirrors the teamwork and communication needed in a game studio, enhancing your employability and industry readiness beyond technical proficiency.