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Collaboration or Classic — It’s Your Choice!

by | Mar 20, 2013

Alisha Ehrlich - Animation Mentor Student Care

Something that I have been seeing a lot from students is the question of whether to stick with the classic Character Animation Program or to take the collaborative production tracks. Here at Animation Mentor, we can provide you with all of the information regarding the educational paths you are considering, but ultimately, it’s your choice — your future — and we are fully cognizant of that.

The POWER is in YOUR hands to make your Animation Mentor experience what you want it to be and to take proactive steps. There certainly are positives with both. You will need to ask yourself very specific questions in order to make this choice:

    What things do I want to get out of this school? Is it studio experience, networking, learning how to work collaboratively? What are they?

    How much time do I want to spend at Animation Mentor? What can I afford? If I want to stay longer and cannot financially afford to, can I apply for financial assistance?

    Do I have a general focus or a specific one? Do I know what I want to specialize in?

Make a document with these answers and see which path suits your wants and your needs as an individual and as an animator. Take a look at Renee Jardin’s recent blog on The Anatomy of a Powerful Goal.

Everyone comes with their own set of personal circumstances, wants, and goals. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these, but asking yourself what your ultimate goal is will help you make your choice.

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