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Jais Bredsted: Student Showcase Shot Breakdown

by | Feb 21, 2013

For Character Animation Program graduate Jais Bredsted, the process of animating his Student Showcase 2012-winning shot was a true Animation Mentor experience.

In fact, he integrated every lesson plan into his shot … starting with drawing basic poses, generating his own reference, and finishing with getting the constraints just right (and countless other steps in between). Along the way, he made sure to resource the 24-hour/around-the-world/always-ready-to-help forum that’s part of something that we like to call the Animation Mentor community.

So sit back and enjoy Jais as he breaks it down and details the steps behind his winning shot … and prepare to be inspired.

Thank you, Jais. Big woot to you, too.

— The Animation Mentor Crew

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