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Maya Workshop vs. Animation Basics: Where Do You Fit?

by | Oct 22, 2013

beginner animation class

You are ready to be an animator, but you are not quite sure where to begin … that’s okay! The Animation Mentor admissions team is here to help you determine the class that will set you up to become the animator you aspire to be. Take a look at the questions above. Both answers are the right answer – no wrong answers in this quiz. However, once you have your answer – you are going to want to know more about each class:

Animation Basics.
You first learn the fundamental principles of animation, including an introduction to body mechanics. You also learn the value of integrating a character into your work. Then, as the class progresses, you develop a deeper understanding of these principles to create even more balanced and believable creatures and movements — and culminate with a walk.

To Get Started: Apply Here
Course Length: 12-weeks

Maya Workshop.
Designed for beginning animators and this workshop will introduce you to this dynamic software and direct your learning on the specific tools used in character animation. The workshop includes class instruction taught by Animation Mentor alumni. You will cover topics like: general CG workflows, how to animate a ball, basic lighting concepts, an introduction to modeling, and so much more. After completing the workshop, you will have the foundational knowledge of Autodesk® Maya to continue your journey of bringing performances to life as a character animator!

To Get Started: Register Here
Course Length: 6-weeks

Want to discuss further?
Our Admissions Representatives are always available to help you identify the best path for you and to guide you throughout the admissions process. Contact us at 510-450-7222 or admissions@animationmentor.com for more information.

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