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Polish, mentorship, and a life-changing experience

by | Mar 28, 2013

How do you make a good shot great? Add polish. Just ask Animation Mentor alumnus Chang-Pei Wu. She studied her reference and wrote her storyboards — two vital steps to begin a good shot. Then Bobby Beck himself reached out to offer her animation feedback … and the result was a highly-polished, Student Showcase-winning, forever life-changing experience.

Now it’s time to add the polish to your animation and to elevate your work to stand out status:

Polish Your Animation Workshop
Course Length: Six-Week Workshop
Start Date: Coming in 2014
Tuition: $799 (Introductory Price)

Great Animators Always Look to Improve
An animator’s work is never done. You know better than anyone that you continually seek to learn and improve your work. And in our new workshop, mentors teach polish and detail the little touches that are vital to making your characters feel alive.

Important:You are required to bring your current animation work to class, and you and your mentor work together to identify which shots can be improved to elevate your reel — or in some cases, start a new shot.

Customized Just for You
Best of all, this workshop is customized to your needs and designed to be taken multiple times as needed. For example, if you are working on a short film, you can focus on polishing a particular shot in one term and then turn your attention to a different shot in the next term.

To begin, be sure to join our waiting list and we’ll notify you when registration for our new Polish Your Animation Workshop opens.

See you soon.

— The Animation Mentor Crew

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