Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2018


We’re so proud to release our 2018 student showcase! Every year it gets harder and harder to narrow it down to just a few stellar shots from our incredible student animators.

This year we have 19 shots from students representing 10 different countries! Congratulations to everyone on a productive year, and we can’t wait to see what you create in 2019.

This year’s showcase features 19 different students from 10 different countries! And we were struck by the great variety of submissions—so many different themes and creative ideas.

While our main aim is to showcase the best of animation from the past year, students really took it to another level this year. With an eye towards storytelling, cinematography, and the aesthetics of a director, each and every shot had something special. We saw A LOT of creativity in terms of staging, camera work, and editing—it’s always fun to see students adding creative touches and additional personality to their work. It really goes beyond just animation. We were delighted to see shots really come to life this year.

It’s been 13 years since we made history as the first online animation school. (Uh oh, now we’re a teenager!) Since 2005, we’ve seen thousands of students come and go through our virtual doors. We’re in constant awe of our talented tribe who go on to do amazing things—from starting their own studios to getting their name in the credits to winning Annies to becoming mentors themselves! We can’t stop bragging about our students.

So get ready for a kick-ass 2019—get out there and create!

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