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How To Overcome A Creative Block [VIDEO]

by | Sep 17, 2013

Your eyes glaze over. You begin to stare into space. You check your instagram feed. You decide it is time to organize your music. You clean out your email inbox. You procrastinate. Until, you realize, “Well, shoot, I’ve hit a creative block” (perhaps you use alternative words).

As artists, it is inevitable to encounter creative challenges. It is how you overcome them that can make the process so rewarding. The process drastically varies from artist to artist, yet one commonality exists — you can appreciate another person’s method for working through them.

As an online animation school, Animation Mentor, brings together artists from over 80 countries around the world. We sat down with a handful of students and alumni to ask them one question, “How do you work through creative blocks?”

Share this video and let us know on Twitter @animationmentor how YOU work through a #creativeblock.

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