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Free giveaways to get you started in animation and VFX

by | Jun 10, 2013

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You share our love for all things animation and visual effects. So you can understand why we’re excited for your chance at some cool giveaways. And all you have to do is register for our Maya Workshop: Animation Basics by Friday, June 14.

btn green registernow Maya Workshop: Animation Basics

After you register, Animation Mentor will select four random winners and notify them by email to receive one of the following:

Your peek inside the workshop
Students who recently completed Maya Workshop: Animation Basics are super excited to tell you all about it:

    Demystifying Maya
    Maya is a tricky software. I had tried learning it before on my own and was completely overwhelmed by it — all the different menus, controls, etc. were things I had never seen before in any other software. I didn’t know where to start. The Maya workshop was a great way to learn how Maya works — the assignments were practical and helped me understand what was possible with Maya. Anytime I had questions, I could ask my mentor or trainer and they gave excellent feedback and tips.
    Not just animation
    I loved that the workshop focused on more than just learning Maya for animation. We also learned a little bit about lighting, modeling, surfacing, and rendering. I learned that I do not have the patience to be an animator, but that I am MUCH more interested in what is possible in the world of VFX. I would feel confident about enrolling in CG Basics after taking the Maya workshop.
    Mentor and trainer, hands down, were the best things
    There are tons of books and internet tutorials available to learn Maya, but you can’t ask a book a question when it doesn’t make sense. It was great to have someone to reach out to and know that you would get a solid, good response. No question is too small for them and they were always happy to go over a topic, or teach you a new way to approach a problem.

Maya resources available now
Even before your first day in the workshop, you can enjoy Maya resources right now:

Maya Workshop: Register by Friday, June 14
The new term begins real soon. Don’t be left out: Register today.

— The Animation Mentor Crew

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