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Established in 2005, Animation Mentor is the original online animation school. With mentors from Pixar, Disney, Industrial Light & Magic, and many other major studios, you’ll learn animation directly from the pros. Start your journey to become an animator in either the Maya Workshop or Animation Basics.

Maya Workshop: Animation Basics

6-Week Workshop

Master this key software before diving into the art of animation.

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12-Week Course

Begin your character animation journey and master the basics.

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How Animation Mentor Works

Learn 3D animation online from working professionals at major animation, visual effects, and game studios. Interact with your mentor and other animators from all over the world on our custom campus platform.

More Than an Online School

Animation Mentor has a community unlike any other online school, where like-minded artists from all over the world share their passion for animation.

How Animation Mentor Works - Animation Mentor

Featured Mentors

Our mentors are the heart and soul of Animation Mentor. Veteran studio pro animators from powerhouses like Pixar, DreamWorks, and Industrial Light & Magic, teach you the ins and outs of production level animation from the very beginning, starting with Animation Basics – the first course of the Core Character Animation Courses.

Choose Your Mentor

Once you've applied and been accepted into Animation Mentor, you can choose your mentor and register for class.

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July 15 - September 22, 2024

Featured Workshops

Animation Mentor offers 6-week and 12-week workshops to hone your artistic and animation skills.

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August 4, 2024

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